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Founded in 2009 by two friends who have a love for God, people, and education.








Melinda K. Rowe, 

B.A., Education

Teacher & Business Manager

Rev. Kimberly C. Orr, B.M.ed.; M.M.; M.Div.

Texas All-Levels Certified Educator

Creative Manager & Game Guru



WBPRESS.ORG offers tabletop gaming with a purpose.  We use modern, analog board and role-playing games to enhance social and academic learning among older children and adults.

We offer two main services:



1. Ludokhesis [loo-doh-KEE-sis]: "Analog Gaming for Growing Souls" emphasizes SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING for children in 6-12th grades and young adults.  The Ludokhesis concept is cobbled from two classic, linguistic sources: Latin: ludere which means “to play” or “to game,and Greek: katekhesis, which means “to teach by life-to-life transfer of skills, knowledge, and wisdom.”


2. STEAM VALve: "Releasing Potential Through Analog Gaming" emphasizes ACADEMIC ENHANCEMENT with special attention to the Texas Essential Knowlege and Skills [TEKS] and Common Core for children in  6-12th grade and young adults.



We also offer programming for special populations including gifted-talented and those on the Autism spectrum.  We use role-playing games and other game-derived tools to help improve self-efficacy, active listening, conflict resolution, resiliency, responsible decision-making, etc. in a collaborative, joyful environment. 


Our team is happy to do a free game demonstration for your organization.  Please contact us to set up an appointment. Text or call: 281-939-LUDO (5836)  email: korr@wbpress.org

Click on "more info" to access documents that describe our services in more detail: 

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